Special Oct 26-29

This week’s special is a brand new vegetarian special that we haven’t featured before but we feel confident that you’ll love the flavours as much as we do. Provolone, caramelised onion, marinated figs, gorgonzola dolce and fresh rocket on an olive oil base! A delicious pizza to be enjoyed in this spring like weather with a glass or two of pinot grigio…

Homemade tiramisu is also back this week – it’s the traditional version and bound to impress your loved one when you buy them a serve…mmmm!

Bookings and/or telephone orders can b made by calling 5472 1898.

As always, we’re open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we hope we’ll see you! dolce-close



rocket leaves (2)


2 responses to “Special Oct 26-29

  • Liz Denniston

    Hi Cathy, mmmmm, yes! That is what I’ll have tonight. See you at 6pm. Liz

    • bellafrescapizzeria

      Oh Liz, you make me laugh time and time again, lucky we added the prosciutto for you..otherwise could have had an emergency and would have had to call! 🍷😜🍕😂😊😋👏🔥👌🙏 P.S will never seat you at shelf 😳

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