Special January 6-9

Q: What did the boss say to his pizza?
A: There’s mushroom for improvement!

Q: How does pizza introduce itself?
A: Slice to meet you!

Q: What does an ant-eater like on its pizza?
A: Ant-chovies!

Oh ha ha ha…hear the peals of laughter? Ha ha ha hoo hoo hoo hee hee…welcome to 2016 pizza-peeps!

This week’s pizza special is garlic, provolone, fresh ricotta, green olives and salami which you can have either hot or mild… if you can handle hot, it’s deeelicious!

If you’ve missed Jules’ tiramisu over the Christmas break, it returns this week – he’s made it with amaretto, espresso and of course a dash of amore!

Bookings and/or telephone orders can be made by calling 5472 1898.

We’re open Wednesday – Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm…hope to see you!


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