Special April 15-18

It’s autumn which means beautiful sunny days and cool nights perfect for eating out by the cosy wood fire at Bella Fresca Pizzeria. This week’s special is our popular pork, apple and fennel combination… On an olive oil base, we add provolone, homemade pork salsicce, fresh apple and fennel before cooking and then dressing the pizza with a flourish of fresh rocket. It’s delicious!

Dessert-wise we have the traditional homemade tiramisu made with espresso, amaretto and a dash of amore, or if you’re looking for something a little different we are welcoming back our poached quince dessert pizza.

On a sweet ricotta base we arrange slivers of poached quince and buttons of white chocolate before serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s ultra special and totally indulgent. The tartness of the quinces with the sweetness of the ricotta will leave you wanting more.

Bookings and/or takeaway orders can be made by calling 5472 1898.

As always, we’re open Wednesday – Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm… look forward to seeing you!


2 responses to “Special April 15-18

  • Doug

    The dessert pizza sounds delicious, the quinces would make all the difference, particularly Castlemaine grown quinces!

    • yappingdog

      Sounds like you know your quinces Doug – maybe we could put you in contact with the primary producer who supplied them to us;)

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