Special Nov 20-23

Our special this week is one that we’re trying for the first time…olive oil base, walnuts, beetroot, fresh rocket and goats cheese. It’s not uncommon to see this as a salad combination in many italian eateries so why not try it on a pizza? We think it’s delicious!

Tiramisu this week is the strawberry variety – with warmer days sneaking intermittently into each week, we think it’s an oh so delicious introduction into summer.

For those of you who love chilli, tabasco and other ‘spicy’ ingredients on your pizza we’re now offering the hottest of hot options…should you choose to go there. It’s called ‘Death Sauce‘ and comprises of a range of ten sauces that become increasingly hot as you head up the scale. We’re stocking Pure Death (#5) Sudden Death (#7) and Ultra Death (#9). (We can’t stock #10 without asking you to sign a disclaimer!)

We’ve been trialling death sauce with some of our regular customers and managed to break one who claimed he could handle heat! He got up to Sudden Death (#7) before reaching out for the greek yoghurt.

Bookings/telephone orders can be made on 5472 1898.

As always we’re open Wed-Fri from 5pm and Sat from 3pm!


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