Special 21-24 March

This week’s special is a delicious vegetarian combination of napoli, provolone, baby spinach, roasted eggplant, roasted red capsicum and feta. It’s also great with salami and chilli if you need some additional protein!
A delicious batch of homemade tiramisu is currently settling – those who love a light dessert with espresso, amaretto and amore will be delighted! Otherwise we have our gelato, baci, tartufo and dessert pizzas!
Bookings and telephone orders can be made by calling 0497 220 199!
We’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we hope that we’ll see you! #woodfiredpizza #longrise #goodpizzaisgoodforyou #realpizza



Special 14-17 March

Buonasera pizza lovers! This week’s pizza special is one of our fave combinations of homemade pork and fennel salsicce with apple and fresh rocket on an olive oil base! It’s delicious especially with a glass of Italian sangiovese or chianti!
Jules has made a delicious batch of homemade tiramisu which is bound to entice those who love a decadent dessert with espresso and amaretto!
Bookings and telephone orders can be made by calling our NEW phone number 0497 220 199!
We’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we do hope that we’ll see you!

New telephone number 0497 220 199

Dear pizza lovers! We return this week with a delicious pizza special…caramelised onion, gorgonzola, fresh pear and rocket on an olive oil base. Those who don’t do vegetarian can add a ribbon or two of prosciutto and we are certain that they will be delighted!

There’s also a fresh batch of homemade tiramisu on standby – made with espresso, amaretto and amore how can you resist?

We’d like to thank everyone for your support last week. We know our experience resonated because we usually get about 500 views on our social media each week whereas last week was in excess of 3,500! You can read the whole story on Facebook. We continue to work with Telstra (haven’t heard from them yet), TIO (they’ve requested more information) and NBN Co. (application closed) seeking redress. Apparently there is a diversion in place however it seems to be patchy with some getting through and others not. I just called again and received an ‘out of service’ message. So who knows?

Our move to mobile will be permanent so if you haven’t, please do update your contact number for us to 0497 220 199. If you don’t get through the first time, please keep trying. It’s not perfect (what is?), but we are doing our best to work with the new system – there is no longer a recorded message as we always have the phone with us now. If you’re calling during service and receive the ‘please leave a 10sec message’ voice, please know we are on another call and that you should try again! We’ve extended the ring time as long as we can. This is no different to when we had the landline. Please don’t text orders as during the pace of service we simply don’t have time to stop and read!

Although we were contacted by the ABC for interview and Lisa Chesters was FB tagged, we’re tired of talking about the whole episode and simply would like to move forward. So unless there’s critical update, we’re going to let this rest. We’re choosing to look at this change as an opportunity rather than a problem. Moving to prepaid will hopefully enable a better level of customer service because we’ll be able to take your calls even when we’re not actually at the shop!

If you’re a business that’s due to move to NBN Co. in the next little while we would encourage you to have a Plan B in place. Whether that means having phones diverted, a data dongle/hot spot for internet service or a mobile phone service in place. The stress associated with loss of business and waste of hours on the phone to the provider makes it worth it.

So bookings and telephone orders can now be placed by calling 0497 220 199!

We’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we hope that we’ll see you….albeit in a more calm setting!

New Phone Number 0497 220 199

2.50pm Thursday 
It’s a new month, a new season and so to celebrate Bella Fresca Pizzeria now has a new phone number 0497 220 199.

Please update your contact information and if you have any family or friends who will benefit from this information, please spread the word! We are grateful.

We continue to work with Telstra to identify the issue and the cause. We’ll keep you posted!

1am Thursday
Apologies to everyone trying to call Bella Fresca Pizzeria at the moment. The fools at Telstra have disconnected our telephone for no explicable reason. We are currently lodging complaints online and hope to have a resolution soon.

In the meantime we have no phone!

Please send any reservation requests through to info@bellafresca.com.au and place any takeaway orders in store.

We know it’s a pain in the neck and apologise profusely for any inconvenience this issue is causing!

The weekly special 28 February – 3 March!

Buonasera pizza lovers! Yes, we are back, refreshed and ready to once again provide Castlemaine’s most delicious woodfired pizza! As Victor might say ‘Tanks God’. Thanks to all those who sent happy wishes and lovely messages during our break and apologies for the slow replies… we took a break from social media too!

This week’s special is on a napoli base with provolone, baby spinach, green olives, feta and salami! This is one of those pizzas that’s extra delicious with a hint of chilli which is an optional extra. Vegetarians can simply skip the salami and this is still a great pizza!

Homemade tiramisu returns to the menu this week with Jules having made a fresh batch with espresso, amaretto and amore!

Bookings and/or telephone orders can be made by calling 5472 1898. We’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we do hope that we’ll see you!

Special Wednesday & Thursday only!

Dear pizza lovers, this week’s pizza special is for our vegetarian amici who are bound to love a garlic base with provolone, mushrooms, gorgonzola or feta and fresh rocket! Delicious.😋 The protein eaters will enjoy this one with a ribbon or two of prosciutto!
With the heat having well and truly arrived in the past couple of weeks we’re off on our annual break this week so will be ONLY BE TRADING Wednesday and Thursday and will be closed from Australia Day throughout February.
We will reopen on Wednesday 28 February 2018 from 5pm!
Thanks to all our wonderfully supportive customers for your ongoing business – we’re looking forward to having a good rest and returning refreshed and relaxed to bring you Castlemaine’s most delicious woodfired pizza!
If we don’t see you this week, keep well and we’ll see you in March!

Special 17-20 January

With the warmer weather truly upon us this week, our special is light and delicious! On a garlic base, we’ll feature provolone, fresh ricotta, salami and green olives. A flourish of chilli really sets this one off and makes it super delicious. Vegetarians can substitute the salami for mushrooms and be assured of a great pizza!😋
On the dessert front we’ve got our gelato in three flavours of chocolate, lemon and blood orange, our baci, tartufo and this week we’ve also got cassata available! And of course we also have our dessert pizzas available – choc-o-nana, berry bliss, nutella strawberry, nutella banana and the ever decadent chocolate calzone!
Bookings and/or telephone orders can be made by calling 5472 1898!
We’ll be open through this hot hot week – Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we do hope that you’ll let us cook dinner for you!